What will the weather be like in Russia in 2080: find out the forecast for your city right now

In 60 years, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and other Russian cities will look completely different from what they do today. This is not only about the fact that new buildings will appear in them. The appearance of the people themselves will change: in the summer we will wear the lightest possible clothes, and in the winter in a coat, because we will not need warm down jackets. An air conditioner will become a must-have device in every home, because without this miracle of technology, life would be impossible. This is because scientists are already predicting a noticeable climate change in the future, in which the standard weather in Moscow will become as hot as in present-day Krasnodar. In other parts of the globe, life will change too.

What will the weather be like in Russia in 2080: find out the forecast for your city right now. In the future, 40-degree heat in Russia will become the norm. Photo.

In the future, 40-degree heat in Russia will become the norm< /p>


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How the climate will change in Russia

To show how the climate will change in Moscow and other cities in the future, ecologist Matthew Fitzpatrick created an interactive map “What will climate feel like in 60 years?”

After opening the site, in the upper left corner you can enter the name of your city in English. Considering scientists' predictions that by about 2080, cities in the northern hemisphere will be climatically more similar to those in the southern hemisphere, the service shows the future conditions of each city.

Map “What will climate feel like in 60 years?”

If you find Moscow on the map, the service will show that in a few decades the weather there will be like in today's Krasnodar. The same will be observed in St. Petersburg. But in Murmansk, which is always quite cold, it will become warmer and the humidity will increase – it will become like St. Petersburg.

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When it gets warmer in Russia

If climatologists' forecasts are correct, in the future summer in Moscow will be even hotter than now. And this despite the fact that the weather has been breaking temperature records for several years in a row.

July is currently considered the warmest month in the Russian capital – the average air temperature is +24 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature can drop to +14 degrees Celsius.

When it gets warmer in Russia. In the future, not only days, but also nights will become hot. Source: sandiegouniontribune.com. Photo.

In the future, not only days, but also nights will be hot. Source: sandiegouniontribune.com

According to the new service, by 2080 the average daily temperature in Moscow will be +30 degrees Celsius. At night it will be approximately +18 degrees outside. That is, it will become the same as it is now in Krasnodar

Winters in the Moscow of the future will also become warmer. Today, residents of central Russia are accustomed to average temperatures of -4 degrees during the day and -9 degrees at night. But in the future, winters may become milder, as in Krasnodar – during the day there will be above-zero temperatures, at which you can feel comfortable even in a light coat.

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Uninhabited places of the Earth of the future

It will become warmer not only in Moscow, but everywhere in general. It will be hardest for residents of tropical countries located on the equator. It is believed that 40% of the world's population lives there today, approximately 3.3 billion people. Scientists do not rule out the possibility that some parts of Central America, southern Florida and North Africa may become completely uninhabitable.

Uninhabited places on the Earth of the future. It’s hard to even imagine how harsh the conditions in the tropics will be. Source: drive2.ru. Photo.

It’s hard to even imagine how severe the conditions will be in the tropics. Source: drive2.ru

Hurricanes in Russia

Climate change in Moscow and other Russian cities can be noticed in 2024. In early July, the capital experienced Hurricane Orkhan, which was accompanied by rain, thunderstorms and hail. The wind speed reached 25 meters per second, and 60% of the monthly precipitation fell on that day. The wind blew the aluminum sheets off the roof, blocking some of the railroad tracks. Whole rivers of water formed on the roads, trams literally floated to their stops.

The most frightening thing is that Moscow and other Russian cities began to experience tornadoes. To date, meteorologists cannot predict such unique events several days in advance. They usually appear suddenly and take people by surprise.

Hurricanes in Russia. In the future there will be more tornadoes in Russia. Source: lenta.ru. Photo.

There will be more tornadoes in Russia in the future. Source: lenta.ru

Hurricanes in Russia occur due to climate change. The high humidity and warm air that Russians are now experiencing are creating favorable conditions for the formation of thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Due to temperature differences in different layers of the atmosphere, strong winds are formed, which often lead to destruction and even injury.

If we look even deeper into the future of the Earth, our planet may ultimately turn into a hellish place. In 2023, scientists simulated all stages of the “runaway greenhouse effect” and found that over time, the Earth could become like Venus.

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In general, in the future our planet may become an extremely unfavorable place for life. In the coming years, people should buy an air conditioner (or find alternatives) because the summer will get hotter.