Where does the sickening skunk smell come from that doesn't wash off for days?

There are many animals in the world with unusual ways of scaring off enemies. One of them is skunks, which, in case of danger, arch their backs and spray a caustic mixture of substances from their anal glands. This mixture causes burning eyes and even temporary blindness in other animals and people. It also stinks very much, so you want to get away from the skunks as quickly as possible. This will be a big revelation to many, but the stench of skunks can linger on the body for several days. It is impossible to wash off a mixture of smelly substances with soap, but scientists know the easiest way to get rid of it.

Where does the sickening smell of skunks come from, which does not wash off for several days. Skunks look like cute creatures, but they pose a danger to everyone. Source: givotniymir.ru. Photo.

Skunks look like cute creatures, but they pose a danger to everyone. Source: givotniymir.ru


  • 1 What skunks look like
  • 2 Where skunks live
  • 3 Are there skunks in Russia
  • 4 What does a skunk smell like
  • 5 How to get rid of the smell of a skunk

What do skunks look like< /h2>

Skunks are small mammals that are covered in black fur with two white stripes on their backs. In size they can be compared to a small dog or cat. Their body weight can reach 5 kilograms. They have fangs for eating meat and plants, and claws for digging holes.

What skunks look like. Another striking feature of skunks is their long and bushy tail. Source: forestry.com. Photo.

Another distinctive feature of skunks is their long and bushy tail. Source: forestry.com

Where do skunks live

Skunks are native to North and South America. There they can be found in forests, meadows and even urban areas. Usually they dig holes for themselves, or occupy the homes of other animals – few people risk coming close to smelly mammals. Skunks also easily use basements of buildings or any other shelters as housing. They survive the winter in burrows with an abundance of dry grass and leaves.

Where skunks live. Skunks belly in groups only in certain cases. Source: straight.com. Photo.

Skunks belly in groups only in certain cases. Source: straight.com

Skunks eat insects and small rodents. Yes, despite their cute appearance, these are real predators that have sharp fangs. At the same time, they can sometimes feed on plants and fruits. They go out at night to search for food, so people usually encounter them in the dark.

Skunks lead a solitary lifestyle, but in early spring males actively seek out females to mate with. They gather in groups only for wintering.

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Are there skunks in Russia< /h2>

There are no skunks in the wild environment of Russia; it is impossible to accidentally stumble upon them in a forest or field. The fact is that these animals can only live in the warm climate of the American continents. In addition, they cannot move to our lands because of the oceanic barrier – there is a huge layer of water between America and Eurasia.

Are there skunks in Russia? In Russia you can only see skunks in the zoo. Source: mir24.tv. Photo.

In Russia, you can only see skunks in the zoo. Source: mir24.tv

Skunks in Russia can only be seen in captivity, in zoos in large cities. For example, these creatures live in the Moscow Zoo, as well as the St. Petersburg Zoo.

What does a skunk smell like?

When threatened, skunks squirt a foul-smelling mixture from their anal glands, located under their tails. It is primarily made up of thiols, which are caustic sulfur-based substances. The foul-smelling mixture also contains thioacetates, which make the terrible smell persistent. The substance looks like a yellow liquid that causes a burning sensation in the eyes almost immediately after it is released.

What a skunk smells like. A skunk scares away a fox. Source: posmotreli.su. Photo.

The skunk scares away the fox. Source: posmotreli.su

The smell of skunks can be described as very pungent and sulfurous. Many people compare it to the stench of rotten eggs, burnt rubber and rot. It is such a terrible smell that it can be smelled up to 1.5 kilometers away. People find it so unpleasant that some people start to feel sick.

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How to get rid of the smell of skunk

Skunk odor is very difficult to get rid of and can linger for days. When you see a skunk, it is best not to disturb it and avoid it. Since the supply of the stinking mixture is constantly depleted and it takes time to produce it, skunks try not to waste it again. At first, animals warn of a “gas attack” by raising their tails, stomping and hissing. In this case, it is really better to run away from the skunks, and as soon as possible.

According to the scientific publication IFL Science, the best way to get rid of skunk odor is through oxidation. To do this, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a small amount of baby shampoo. It needs to be applied to the “stinky” areas, left for about 5 minutes and washed off.

How to get rid of the smell of a skunk. This is what a baby skunk looks like. Source: vokrugsveta.ru. Photo.

And this is what a baby skunk looks like. Source: vokrugsveta.ru

Of course, skunks are animals with one of the most unusual ways of protecting themselves from enemies. But they are not the only ones of their kind. For example, bombardier beetles, in case of danger, spray a burning stream of hot liquid on predators. At the back of their tiny body is an entire chemical laboratory that produces a mixture with temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.

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