You won’t believe it: in Europe you can buy a “disabled woman from Operation Y” for 25 thousand euros (2.5 million rubles)

In Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and many other European countries you can buy one of the strangest cars in the world. It is called Microlinoand looks like the Soviet SMZ S-3Afrom the film “Operation Y”. On the roads, this car attracts the attention of all other road users; it is very compact and at the same time is capable of gaining decent speed for driving on the highway. In general, it is designed for movement within cities with deft maneuvering between ordinary cars. Thanks to its compact size, it is much easier for it to find a free parking space. It seems that this is an ideal option for driving to work and to the store, but not everyone will decide to buy a Microlino electric car – it has disadvantages that even make you smile.

The Swiss Microlino resembles the car from the film “Operation Y”

Compact electric car Microlino

The Microlino electric car is available in many European countries and can be purchased through the official website. It has been produced since 2022 by a former manufacturer of electric scooters from Switzerland.

The basic version of Microlino LITEcosts 17,000 euros, which at the exchange rate for mid-June 2024 is approximately 1 .7 millions of rubles. It can accelerate to 45 km/h, and one battery charge is enough to cover a distance of 93 kilometers. Its interior is covered with fabric, inside there is a sound system, heated seats and other electronics for a comfortable ride.

Compact electric car Microlino. The design of Microlino resembles a fantastic capsule. Source: Photo.

The design of Microlino resembles a fantastic capsule. Source:

Advanced version of Microlinocosts 25,000 euros, which at the current exchange rate is equal to 2.5 million rubles. It is much cooler: it accelerates to 90 kilometers per hour, can travel 228 kilometers on a single charge, has a leather interior and other amenities that are found in the base model.

Compact electric car Microlino. Microlino has only one door that opens from the front. Source: Photo.

Microlino has only one door, which opens from the front. Source:

Only two people can ride in a Microlino car, a driver and a passenger. From a technological point of view, it is a quadricycle that combines the features of a car and a motorcycle. It has 50% fewer parts than conventional cars and weighs only about 500 kilograms.

The body length of the Microlino car is 2.5 meters, while even the most compact runabouts are between 3.8 meters.

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The smallest electric car

Recently Denis Shiryaev, author of the telegram channel Denis Sexy IT, took a ride in the passenger seat of a Microlino through the streets of Amsterdam. According to him, for owners of full-fledged cars, this electric car is just a toy. Yes, it attracts people's attention and the product is interesting, but it has a lot of disadvantages that make you refuse such a purchase.

The smallest electric car. The Microlino car is available in different colors, there is a designer on the company's website. Source: Photo.

The Microlino car is available in different colors; there is a designer on the company’s website. Source:

During the test drive, he noticed that the car’s appearance indicated that it was created not by a large company, but by a small startup. In general, everything looks neat, but the manufacturer seemed to be trying to save as much as possible on everything. There are creaks somewhere, and the doors do not close the first time. There are no regular safety handles inside to help you maintain your balance during sharp turns – instead, they are equipped with straps. The funny thing is that the “speaker system” is an ordinary Bluetooth speaker.

The smallest electric car. Live photo of Microlino in the city. Source: telegram channel Denis Sexy IT. Photo.

“Live” photo of Microlino in the city. Source: telegram channel Denis Sexy IT

According to Denis Shiryaev, driving such a compact car is scary. Due to its compact size, already at a speed of 30 km/h it feels like the car is moving too fast. At the same time, it hums, which is why you have to speak very loudly in the cabin. It’s even more scary to drive such an electric car on the highway, because SUVs, trucks and other large equipment are rushing around at high speed. But just above we noted that next to the Microlino, even a small car can seem very large.

The smallest electric car. Everything inside the Microlino car is extremely minimalistic. Source: Denis Sexy IT telegram channel. Photo.

Everything inside the Microlino car is extremely minimalistic. Source: telegram channel Denis Sexy IT

Finally, the big disadvantage is the cost of an electric car. For 2.5 million rubles you can buy a full-fledged car with all the amenities, inside which you feel comfortable and safe.

The smallest electric car. But such a small car is easy to park. Source: Denis Sexy IT telegram channel. Photo.

But such a small car is convenient to park. Source: telegram channel Denis Sexy IT

The design of the electric car is interesting, but extremely strange. If it went on sale before 2022, we could very well add it to our list of the ugliest cars ever. Be sure to read this material, because there we talked about the Fiat Multipla with a “fat fold”, the Japanese Toyota WiLL in the style of a “garbage container” and several other ugly cars.

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