POCO introduced two cool flagships POCO F6 and F6 Pro and the POCO Pad tablet

Since Xiaomi moved from the affordable to the premium segment, POCO has taken its role as the manufacturer of the most profitable mobile devices. It is the company that now produces smartphones that are characterized by the designation “top for your money.” Because it is almost impossible to find other devices with the same specifications and the same low price on the market. But POCO produces not only budget devices, but also flagship ones that can outshine competitors’ products, which cost one and a half or even two times more. Let's talk about them today.

POCO presented two cool flagships POCO F6 and F6 Pro and the POCO Pad tablet. POCO presented a series of new products that you will definitely like. Photo.

POCO presented a series of new products that you will definitely like


  • 1 Which POCO smartphone is better to choose
    • 1.1 POCO F6 characteristics
  • 2 Flagship smartphone POCO F6 Pro
    • 2.1 How POCO F6 differs from POCO F6 Pro
  • 3 New POCO tablet
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    Which POCO smartphone is better to choose

    POCO F6 — This is the basic version of the brand's flagship smartphone, which was released this week. Here we have a real representative of the top segment, but not in terms of price, but in terms of characteristics. Because the new product retailed for only $339, which makes it one of the most profitable solutions on the market.

    Which POCO smartphone is better to choose. POCO F6 looks very stylish. Photo.

    POCO F6 looks very stylish

    Let's get started from design. POCO smartphoneshave always been famous for their very advantageous appearance, but in F6 the company's designers have outdone themselves. The flat back panel without any fancy elements looks both strict and very stylish. You look at it and immediately understand: this is a flagship.

    In terms of materials, by the way, everything is also at the highest level. POCO abandoned the use of plastic and relied on the good old classics. The aluminum frame gives the flagship strength, and the pleasantly cooling glass on the front and back creates the feeling of a top-class device.

    Characteristics of POCO F6

    Characteristics of POCO F6is also truly flagship:

    Display 6.7″, 120 Hz, AMOLED Main camera 50 MP Processor Snapdragon 8s Gen 3

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    Battery 5000 mAh Charging (power)< /td>

    90 W Platform Android 14 Memory 12/512 GB

    The smartphone is based on a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor. It is slightly weaker than the classic version of the chipset without the S index and, unlike it, uses a 1+4+3 configuration, rather than 1+5+2. In its case, one productive core was replaced with an energy-efficient one, but even with it, the device scores more than 1.5 million points in AnTuTu. At the same time, all AI functions of the chip were preserved. Therefore, the quality of photo and video shooting with the main POCO F6 camera will be at the highest level.

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    POCO F6 RAMequals 12 GB. This is a very good value for a flagship. But the main thing here — This is a 512 GB drive. In addition to the fact that the manufacturer did not skimp on the capacity of the built-in storage, it also used the modern memory standard UFS 4.0, which is faster than UFS 3.1, which means that all operations will be performed faster.

    POCO F6 batterystandard capacity — 5000 mAh, so no surprises here. At the same time, it supports fast charging at a power of 90 W and can withstand 1000 cycles before its remaining capacity drops to 90%. This is very good news, since the vast majority of modern smartphones can withstand no more than 500 cycles up to 80%, after which they require battery replacement.

    Flagship smartphone POCO F6 Pro

    POCO F6 Pro — an advanced version of the basic F6. The manufacturer not only equipped it with different hardware, offering more interesting hardware, but also chose a different design for the top model. This clearly indicates that they did not try to save money on us, but in fact gave us the opportunity to have a real choice.

    Flagship smartphone POCO F6 Pro. POCO F6 Pro is even more powerful and more interesting in terms of design. Photo.

    POCO F6 Pro is even more powerful and more interesting in terms of design

    The first thing that catches your eye is the area in which the main block of cameras is placed. This is a kind of visual language with which POCO seems to tell us that everything is in order with the photo capabilities here. In addition, the mother-of-pearl shade of the back cover also attracts attention, which clearly costs more to produce than a regular one-color one.

    At a price of $449, we have a high-end smartphone in a glass and metal body with a triple camera and the most advanced today's processor. POCO F6 Pro uses theSnapdragon 8 Gen 2which is even more powerful than the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. Its average AnTuTu score is — over 1.6 million points.

    Display 6.7″, 120 Hz, AMOLED Main camera 50 MP Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Battery 5000 mA* h Charging (power) 120 W < strong>Platform Android 14 Memory 16/1024 GB< /td>

    How is POCO F6 different from POCO F6 Pro

    Despite the fact that POCO F6 and F6 Pro belong to the same model range, the older model has a number of key advantages over the younger one. In addition to a more powerful processor, it boasts the following improvements:

    • 16 GB of RAM (12 GB for POCO F6)
    • 1 TB of internal memory (512 GB for POCO F6)
    • Charging at 120 W (90 W for POCO F6)
    • Screen brightness 4000 nits (2400 nits for POCO F6)

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    A very interesting situation is emerging. On the one hand, we have two flagships that are very close to each other, but, on the other hand, they have a number of fundamental differences that do not allow them to be perceived as the same smartphone. This way you can definitely choose what you like. Want 16 GB of RAM and faster charging? Take POCO F6 Pro. Are you ready to sacrifice these little things and want to save money? Then your choice — POCO F6.

    New POCO tablet

    But POCO not only has smartphones, but also tablets. How did you not know? POCO Pad — This is a new product for the brand, with which it opens a new page of history. As expected, the “tablet” is extremely affordable (only $299), but at the same time offers a balanced set of technical characteristics.

    New POCO tablet. POCO Pad is inexpensive, but very advanced. Photo.

    POCO Pad is inexpensive, but very advanced

    POCO Pad, which can be bought on Ozon, received a large12-inch diagonal displaywith support for 120 Hz mode. Frankly speaking, this is nonsense for tablets in the affordable segment, because usually manufacturers, at best, use matrices with a refresh rate of 90 Hz or even less. The same iPad still only has 60 Hz.

    The device is based on the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor. This is not the most powerful chipset, but quite good for its level. It scores over 600,000 in the AnTuTu benchmark, so it can compete with many MediaTek gems. In addition, the tablet supports stylus control and works with an external keyboard.

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    This can be used for both work and entertainment. This is facilitated by a large and bright screen and four stereo speakers located at the ends. They produce cool and loud immersion sound. And special HyperOS settings allow you to take it to an even higher level.