How the best hangover cure works

Experts from all over the world have been warning about the dangers of alcohol to health for hundreds of years. It has been scientifically proven that alcoholic drinks destroy the liver, impair the functioning of the cardiovascular system and shorten life expectancy. Despite all these warnings, many people drink alcohol at least on holidays. After a stormy evening with a lot of alcohol, men and women feel terrible: they have headaches, no strength throughout the body, their mouth is dry as in the desert, and bright lights and loud sounds cause indescribable torment. And all because after drinking alcohol, people suffer from a hangover. There are drinks that are less likely to cause hangover, and some medications also help to cope with ailments. Recently, scientists talked about a gel that can protect human internal organs from the effects of alcohol and relieve terrible feelings in the morning.

How the best hangover cure works. Thanks to a new anti-hangover gel, people will suffer less in the future. Image source: Photo.

Thanks to a new anti-hangover gel, people will suffer less in the future. Image source:

Main causes of hangover

A hangover occurs in a person several hours after drinking alcohol. Due to headaches, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound, people with a hangover feel worse at the mere mention of alcohol. People also experience anxiety and fear after drinking alcohol.

After drinking alcohol, people feel bad for several reasons. The first reason is dehydration– ethanol makes you go to the toilet more often, where many minerals leave the body along with urine. For example, when the body becomes low in magnesium, the concentration of calcium increases, and its excess leads to chills, weakness and uneven heartbeat.

The main causes of a hangover. The most terrible symptoms of a hangover are headache and nausea. Image source: Photo.

The worst symptoms of a hangover are headache and nausea. Image source:

The second reason is that ethanol, which is poisonous to humans, is broken down by the liver. As a result of this process, acetaldehyde is produced, which is an even more toxic substance. Over time, it breaks down into acetic acid, and then carbon dioxide and water are formed in the body. All these processes put a lot of stress on the liver, and over time it stops coping with its work. Toxic substances cause a wide range of hangover symptoms.

It is noteworthy that young people tolerate hangovers more easily. For example, many adult students can party all night and feel almost normal in the morning. But after 30 years, a hangover is more difficult to bear, and there are many reasons for this.

IMPORTANT:Drinking alcohol can lead to other bad habits. For example, after drinking alcohol, many people want to smoke, and do not deny themselves this. Over time, they develop a dependence on nicotine.

An effective hangover cure

Ailments after alcohol can ruin the whole day, so people are always looking for ways to get rid of a hangover. A good cure for a hangover is brine, which helps normalize the acid-base balance in the body. But tea, coffee, baths and saunas are contraindicated – in some cases they greatly worsen a person’s condition and can even cause even greater harm.

In pharmacies you can find various hangover cures. They are also effective, but we cannot give any recommendations – it is better to consult with a consultant. Pharmacists are constantly developing new products, and recently it became known about a very interesting option.

An effective hangover cure. There are many hangover cures, so you need to consult a specialist before using them. Image source: Photo.

There are many hangover medications available, so you should consult a specialist before using them. Image source:

According to the scientific publication Science Alert, an international group of scientists has created a gel that causes alcohol to be broken down not in the liver, but in the intestines. At the same time, as a result of the digestion of ethanol, acetaldehyde is not formed – instead, less toxic acetic acid is immediately released.

The medicine consists of milk proteins that interfere with the breakdown of ethanol. The hangover remedy also contains gold nanoparticles, which retain the medicine in the digestive tract to increase the duration of its action.

Tests on laboratory mice showed that in half an hour the hangover gel reduces the level of alcohol in the blood by 40%. Within five hours, the product reduces alcohol concentration by 50%. A hangover cure has not yet been tested in humans, and this is unlikely to happen in the near future – it requires approval. But there is hope that the cure will be available to future generations of people.

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However, after a few decades, alcohol may lose its popularity. The fact is that scientists are already noticing that young people are consuming less alcohol. Perhaps this trend will continue, and a sober future awaits us.