Neatsvor U1Max – a top-end robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning and lidar already in Russia

On April 25, 2024, Neatsvor held an unforgettable online presentation of its latest products. The charismatic virtual presenter, who became the brand's mascot, took the audience through an exciting journey into the future, demonstrating the company's cutting-edge developments.. Neatsvor is known for its relentless pursuit of excellence and sets the highest standards for quality and customer service. This is expressed in the growing trust of customers, who leave many enthusiastic reviews of the brand’s branded products on marketplaces. It is not surprising that the broadcast was watched by thousands of people who wanted to touch the products of a manufacturer that offers genuine innovation.

Neatsvor U1Max is a top-end robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning and lidar already in Russia. Neatsvor U1Max is a powerful and convenient robot vacuum cleaner. Photo.

Neatsvor U1Max — powerful and convenient robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning station

During the presentation, Neatsvor allowed each viewer to experience the special atmosphere and style of interaction of the company with its clients, unique to it. The event attracted the attention of famous bloggers, Internet stars and thematic media covering the field of high technology.

The main intrigue was the announcement of the revolutionary U1MAX. This is not just a robot vacuum cleaner, but a comprehensive solution for automating home cleaning, designed to free up your time, which can be spent on relaxation, self-development or communication with people close to you. Multifunctional and intelligent, U1MAX is able to turn routine household chores into a simple and comfortable process.

The vacuum cleaner impresses with its capabilities and ease of use. Its self-cleaning station, which comes with it, isable to work completely autonomously for up to 30 daysin a row. It also uses a water electrolysis system for disinfection and automatically refills the water tank of the robot vacuum cleaner itself when it goes out for wet cleaning.

And then, when it returns to the station, all dirty water will be collected in a separate tankdesigned for waste liquids. A sophisticated cleaning system for the roller, reservoir and tray eliminates the risk of mold formation, taking care of the health of users.

Powerful robot vacuum cleaner with lidar

U1Max has an intelligent system for collecting garbage and self-cleaning

The integrated dust collection system chain ensures a clean and hygienic process. Garbage is collected in the dust collector in just 12 seconds, minimizing the spread of dust and allergens in the air. At the same time, cleaning of the dust container itself is required only once every 90 days, significantly simplifying maintenance.


U1MAX Rotating Roller, imitating professional cleaning equipment, easily and effectively removes dirt thanks to its high rotation speed and optimal pressure on the surface. And the special design of the roller allows it to automatically rise upon contact with the carpet, so as not to wet it, and fall to the floor after overcoming the carpet.

Dual-line laser navigation in combination with TOF sensors provides accurate construction of a map of the room and the optimal route of movement of the robot, eliminating chaotic movement and increasing cleaning efficiency. This allows theU1MAXSafely avoid obstacles and thoroughly clean areas along walls and in hard-to-reach places.

The robot vacuum cleaner's powerful suction system handles any type of dirt, be it pet hair, crumbs or small debris. The redesigned roller brush prevents tangling and provides a deep clean on a variety of surfaces.

Powerful robot vacuum cleaner for carpets

A powerful robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets. Neatsvor vacuum cleaners are a real work of art and engineering. Photo.

Neatsvor Vacuum Cleaners — This is a true work of art and engineering

Ultrasonic carpet detection technologyin combination with laser navigation and TOF sensors improves the accuracy and safety of the U1MAX on various types of floor coverings. The robot adapts to the characteristics of each home, providing the most effective cleaning.

Neatsvor's proprietary mobile applicationopens up new possibilities for personalizing and managing the cleaning process. Users can create room maps, control the robot in real time, set a schedule, and monitor the status of task completion. Regular app updates improve efficiency and extend the life of the device.


More than ten years of experience in developing intelligent cleaning robots, innovative technologies and impeccable service — all this allowed Neatsvor to win the love and trust of consumers. The new U1MAX embodies the best developments of the company, becoming an indispensable high-tech assistant in maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the home.

Neatsvor continues to improve its products and service in the Russian market, striving to help even more number of families enjoy comfort and cleanliness. The company sees its mission in developing advanced technologies and innovations in order to become a leading player in the market of smart home appliances in Russia in the future.