The Yandex application and browser received an update with AI

Now users can receive answers to questions in a conversation format. “Yandex” browser and the application of the same name have received an update with a built-in neural network. DiscussThe Yandex application and browser received an update with AI© Possessed Photography

Yandex introduced a new service “Neuro”, which combines a search engine and generative models. This means that neural networks can now find sources through search, and then use YandexGPT 3 to compose responses with links to materials. The peculiarity of Neuro is that it does not use information from the memory of the neural network, but analyzes all available information on the Internet.

The service is able to respond to requests requiring information from different sources, and is able to continue the dialogue with the user . Its convenience lies in the fact that to communicate with the service you do not need to use complex formulations, and requests can be supplemented with pictures. However, the service is not yet available in the “Children’s” and “Family” modes, where “sensitive” content is filtered.

“Neuro” is already available in the “Yandex with Alice” application and “Yandex Browser”. To use it you just need to activate it in the settings. While users can switch between modes for now, this may change in the future. The company plans to introduce advertising into the service so that it remains free for users.