The expert refuted the myth that Wi-Fi routers are harmful to health

According to the expert, there is no scientific evidence of harm from routers. Russians were told whether Wi-Fi routers can be harmful to health. DiscussThe expert has debunked the myth that Wi-Fi routers are harmful to health© Compare Fiber

Home Wi-Fi routers do not cause harm to health, confirmed Vladimir Ulyanov, head of the Zecurion analytical center. According to him, to date there is no evidence that they can be dangerous to humans.

Ulyanov clarified that based on available data and research, it can be concluded that Wi-Fi routers are considered safe for health. He also added that the level of electromagnetic radiation from these devices is comparable to that of household appliances.

Mikhail Kostin, Doctor of Technical Sciences and head of the Department of Radio Wave Processes and Technologies of RTU MIREA, previously noted that Russians are advised to avoid installing Wi-Fi Fi routers in the bedroom. He warned of possible health risks that could arise from improperly positioning a router, especially due to constant exposure to even weak radiation at close range.