Tesla stopped delivering Cybertruck due to problems with the accelerator

Deliveries are expected to resume on April 20. Tesla has temporarily suspended deliveries of the Cybertruck due to unexpected delays as it prepares the vehicles for delivery to owners. One of the customers was told that the reason for this pause was a recall due to problems with the accelerator. DiscussTesla stopped supplying Cybertruck due to problems with the accelerator© Michael Förtsch

In a letter, Tesla apologized to customers for the inconvenience and promised to re-contact when she could set a new delivery date for the Cybertruck. Owners have discovered a potential problem with the accelerator caused by excess lubricant, which could lead to a hazardous situation.

Delivery is expected to resume on April 20th, however this may cause delays in further deliveries. This is not the first time Cybertruck customers have complained, including visibility issues, off-road difficulties, possible hazards for passengers due to the lack of crumple zones, as well as problems with the CCS adapter, reduced range, discoloration of stainless steel body panels, and others.