Russians will be required to provide passport data to rent electric scooters

At the suggestion of deputy Pavel Fedyaev, Russia will introduce mandatory passport verification for renting electric scooters DiscussRussians will be required to provide passport information to rent electric scooters© Creative Christians

Kicksharing companies in Russia are considering a proposal to introduce mandatory identity verification of users using a passport or driver's license. The purpose of this measure is to prevent the use of electric scooters by minors. The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Transport, Pavel Fedyaev, supported the idea, noting that teenagers on electric scooters are the main cause of irritation for pedestrians.

He noted that rental services are already working on this issue and are taking steps to ensure that to prevent users under 18 years of age from accessing e-scooters. However, he expressed hope for more concrete results. Fedyaev also expressed his opinion on the need to develop a unified age standard for all users of electric scooters in the future.