Custom iPhones in the style of crime films go on sale

The design of which was developed by the company Caviar. In Russia, sales of premium smartphones with a design in the style of films and TV series about the mafia have begun. DiscussCustom iPhones in the style of crime films have appeared on sale© Caviar

The Caviar company has expanded the Desperado collection by introducing new iPhone models dedicated to mafia worlds. They are inspired by cult films such as The Godfather, Peaky Blinders and The Untouchables. The flagship Godfather model is made of black titanium with gold details and the famous quote on the back: “Nothing personal – just business.”

The Revenge model is a smartphone with a gold skull and blade design, inspired by the character of Thomas Shelby from the series Peaky Blinders. It is also crafted from titanium and features 18-karat gold buttons. Another model, Capone, has a body with decorative bullet marks and a quote from Al Capone: “Don’t stop fighting until the fight is over.”

Prices for these unique smartphones start from 489 thousand rubles for the iPhone 15 Pro Capone for 128 GB and reach 644 thousand rubles for the iPhone 15 Pro Max Revenge for 1 TB.