Adobe will develop generative AI for video editor Premiere Pro

This year, Adobe is developing a generative AI model for the Firefly family that will bring new tools to the Premiere Pro video editing platform. DiscussAdobe will develop generative AI for the Premiere Pro video editor


Firefly's new tools, along with expected integrations with third-party partners such as Runway, Pika Labs, and OpenAI's Sora models, will allow Premiere Pro users to generate videos, add or remove objects using text prompts, and increase the length of videos.

Unlike many of Adobe's previous announcements regarding Firefly, the company has not set a release date for the new video generation tools, beta or otherwise, only that they will be released “this year.” And while the creative software giant demonstrated the capabilities of its own video model in an early video demo, plans to integrate Premiere Pro with artificial intelligence models from other vendors are not certain.

Adobe will develop generative AI for the Premiere Pro video editor© Adobe

Instead, Adobe calls the integration of third-party AI models into its preview video an “early exploration” of what it might look like “in the future.” The idea is to give Premiere Pro users more choice, allowing them to use models like Pika to extend frames, or Sora or Runway AI when creating additional footage for their projects. Adobe also says that Content Credentials labels can be applied to the generated clips to determine which AI models were used to generate them.

Adobe's main advantage over its competitors, meanwhile, is that it builds in its own models Firefly to its ecosystem of software that is already widely used by creative professionals. Integrating third-party AI models seems like a natural fit, both for Adobe's customer retention and for AI companies that want to make their tools more accessible to creative professionals.

Adobe will develop generative AI for the Premiere Pro video editor© Adobe