What you need to be to find your love – the answer of scientists

The modern world opens up wide opportunities for us to find a soul mate. To find a match, each of us can launch a dating application and make a date with the person we like. If this method is not suitable, you can go to special events with speed dating, use the services of marriage agencies, and so on – the options are through the roof. But setting a date is only half the task. For an acquaintance to develop into something more, you need to make a good impression. Many people believe that in the modern world, potential partners are attracted only by social status and money. Recently, scientists conducted an experiment and shared good news: for most men and women, it is not status that matters, but something else.

What you need to be like to find your love - the answer from scientists. Scientists conducted a study to find out what traits those who want to find their love need to develop. Photo.

Scientists conducted a study to find out what traits those who want to find love need to develop

The most the best features of a person

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. The authors of the scientific work gathered a group of almost 800 people aged 18 to 64 years. They were given a fairly simple task to indicate which traits they were most attracted to in members of the opposite sex. In the questionnaire, they had to choose what they would most like to see in their potential or existing partner: beautiful appearance, high social and financial status, good health, kindness or developed intelligence.

Contrary to the ideas of many modern people, the volunteers showed by their example that today's men and women value kindness of heart and developed intelligence most of all. Good appearance was also important – men especially wanted their partner to be attractive. For women, appearance turned out to be less important because they valued their partner’s financial development more. With all this, kindness and intelligence were still a priority.

The best features of a person. Most men and women want to see a kind, not a rich partner. Photo.

Most men and women want to see a kind, not a rich partner in front of them

It is important to note that kindness and intelligence were most often chosen by people who sought long-term relationships. But appearance was considered very important only by that small number of volunteers who were looking for fleeting meetings “for one night.”

The results of this study will certainly please people who are convinced of the greed of modern society. But it’s important to note that other scientific works have shown that money is still important to people. Perhaps the difference in conclusions is due to the fact that the new experiment was conducted in Brazil – perhaps people from other cultures approach the choice of a partner differently.

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The secret of a happy relationship

In other sources, psychologists cite other traits that are best used to look for a partner for a long and happy relationship. For example, in 2023, experts said that first of all, both partners must be able to trust each other – if a man or woman feels safe, the relationship is doomed to failure. Also, every happy couple should be able to communicate, that is, talk freely about their feelings and desires. Thirdly, healthy relationships must be built on respect – if one side does not want to support the endeavors of the other, nothing good will come of it.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that in order to find your love, first of all you need to take care of your emotional state. Men and women who are truly kind, caring, and respectful of others are much more likely to have healthy relationships than those who are successful and wealthy. However, people with high social status will obviously not be left alone either.

The secret of happy relationships. Scientists are constantly studying relationships between people and sharing unexpected results. Photo.

Scientists are constantly studying relationships between people and sharing unexpected results

It may seem that the study of relationships between people does not belong to science – this is the discovery of new planets, animals and the invention of medicines. However, research in this direction is ongoing, and scientists often share interesting findings. For example, in 2024, the results of one scientific study showed that some people can strengthen their relationships by drinking alcoholic beverages together. It sounds strange and even somehow “wrong,” but the results speak for themselves and are worthy of your attention.

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