Fixes for in-game and technical errors have been announced for Troubles

A major update is also planned for the end of the year. Russian studio Cyberia Nova spoke about plans for 2024 to improve the game “Troubles”. DiscussFor

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The developers said that during the week, from April 15 to 21, the next hotfix is ​​planned to be released, as part of which should fix in-game errors. And by the beginning of May, a patch will be released, including both fixing a number of in-game problems, as well as optimizing and improving the overall technical state of the game.

Then patches will be released every two weeks, and work is also underway on updates that will affect the combat system , game locations and quests. And some kind of “big addition” is planned for the end of 2024, but the developers did not specify what they were talking about. In addition, Cyberia Nova said that it is also working on the educational mode “Time of Troubles.”

“In the future, the development team plans to release patches every two weeks and will simultaneously prepare three large updates that will affect important aspects of the game – the combat system, game locations and game quests. We will tell you the details of the changes and additions that will be included in these updates a little later,” the developers of “Smuta” said.