OpenAI CEO called for the creation of a global coalition in the field of AI

To address infrastructure challenges, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has led efforts to create a global alliance between governments and industry leaders. The goal of this coalition is to increase the resources needed for the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. DiscussOpenAI CEO called for the creation of a global coalition in the field of AI© Ferra

This week Altman met with investors and government officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Discussions included how private companies could work with governments to finance the costly and massive infrastructure needed for AI.

The new initiative goes beyond chip production and includes discussions on long-term energy solutions and sufficient processing center capacity data. The specific details of the coalition structure are still under development.

OpenAI acknowledges that there are ongoing conversations about the need to develop global infrastructure in these critical areas. According to sources familiar with OpenAI's opinion, OpenAI's particular concern is the enormous energy demands of AI systems. Altman has previously emphasized the need for an energy breakthrough to support AI, suggesting the development of solar energy or nuclear fusion as potential solutions.