NASA releases space environmental sustainability strategy

To preserve it for future generations NASA has unveiled the first part of its Integrated Space Environmental Sustainability Strategy to ensure space remains preserved for future generations. The agency has recognized the growing activity in space and considers it necessary to take measures to preserve it. DiscussNASA has released a space environmental sustainability strategy


The strategy aims to integrate efforts across the agency and includes This included the appointment of a new director for space sustainability to coordinate activities. It also highlights NASA's role in global leadership on this issue and its commitment to equitable access to space.

While supporting the emergence of commercial opportunities in space, NASA also recognizes growing challenges such as the proliferation of space objects and the generation of space debris. Understanding the risks and benefits of this growth is key to the sustainability of the space environment.

The strategy, developed under the guidance of an interagency council, focuses on measuring and assessing the sustainability of space in Earth orbit, identifying effective ways to achieve sustainability goals and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices through the development of technology and politics.