Microsoft employees accidentally revealed internal company passwords

As a result of a security error, Microsoft has closed a security hole that resulted in internal company files and employee credentials being publicly available on the Internet. Researchers from the cybersecurity company SOCRadar have discovered an unprotected data storage server in Microsoft's Azure cloud service. DiscussMicrosoft employees accidentally discovered the company's internal passwords© Ferra

This server, associated with the Bing search engine from the same Microsoft, contained confidential information including code, scripts and configuration files. It is alarming that these files also contained passwords, keys and credentials used by Microsoft employees to access internal systems.

According to SOCRadar, attackers could use open data to find and exploit other vulnerable storage servers data at Microsoft. This could lead to more significant data breaches and potentially compromise Microsoft services. The security breach remained undetected for an unknown period of time. Although SOCRadar reported the problem to Microsoft on February 6, the company did not secure the server until March 5. It is unknown whether unauthorized persons gained access to sensitive data before Microsoft took action