Elon Musk: AI will become smarter than any human by the end of 2025

In general, it sounds ominous. Elon Musk once again made a bold statement about the development of artificial intelligence (AI). DiscussElon Musk: AI will become smarter than any person by the end of 2025© Ferra.ru

On this time, he predicts that AI will surpass the intellectual capabilities of any human by the end of 2025.

During an interview with hedge fund manager Nikolai Tangen, broadcast on Platform X, Musk expressed confidence in the rapid progress of AI.

Describing artificial intelligence as the fastest growing technology, Musk drew attention to the fact that the power of specialized computers doubles every 6-9 months.

However, the businessman admitted that there is still a lack of specialized AI chips and power supply issues are slowing down progress. “I hope these problems will be resolved in the next couple of years,” he added.

Industry experts are not so clear in their assessments. Grady Booch, a well-known critic of the AI ​​hype, recalls that Musk has repeatedly been wrong in his predictions about technology.

Booch also believes that it is still inappropriate to compare the intelligence of a machine and a person, since there is no clear definition of what it is. artificial intelligence.