An electric bike has been introduced for “those over 50”

The price, of course, is not the most “popular” The American company Optibike, specializing in the production of powerful electric bicycles, presented a version of the popular R17 model, created specifically for people over 50 years old. DiscussIntroduced an electric bicycle for “those over 50”©

The modernized model, called Riot, is designed to provide a more comfortable and less energy-consuming ride.

The company emphasizes that age-related changes in the body make cycling more difficult: muscle mass and endurance, making it difficult to overcome steep climbs.

That's why the Riot is equipped with a powerful 750 W motor with 190 Nm of torque, which provides additional traction when needed.

An electric bicycle is presented for © New Atlas

The electric bicycle has class 1 – that is, engine assistance is available up to a speed of 32 km/h. Riot is equipped with a large 1630 Wh battery, which, according to the manufacturer, allows you to travel up to 200 km on a single charge at a speed of 20 km/h (up to 290 km at 15 km/h).

The bike is distinguished by durable carbon fiber frame, suspension with 170mm travel and hydraulic disc brakes for safe braking. Special geometry and an adjustable seatpost ensure comfortable seating and maneuverability.

The Riot model is hand-built in Colorado and starts at $14,400. For the European market, a version is available with a 250 W motor and a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h.