A fresh update brings the Quest 3 VR headset one step closer to the Apple Vision Pro

But there is no limit to perfection. Oculus has released the v64 update for its VR headsets, which improves key functions of the Quest 3 helmet. DiscussA fresh update made the Quest 3 VR headset one step closer to the Apple Vision Pro© How-To Geek

The main innovation is the improved Passthrough mode, which allows you to see real objects around the user without removing the helmet. This brings the device's capabilities closer to Apple's premium Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

“Passthrough has been updated with higher clarity, improved color processing, exposure, contrast and dynamic range to match the user's real-world environment. Improvements make it easier to see fine details and text without removing the headset. “Passthrough is also less grainy in low light,” the company noted in a blog post.

Despite the improvements, Quest 3's Passthrough doesn't yet match Apple's Vision Pro spatial mode due to the much higher screen resolution in the Quest 3. the latter.

However, it is important to note that the Quest 3 is significantly cheaper than the Vision Pro ($499 versus $3499) and already had a pretty good Passthrough. The cheap Quest 2 still loses in this component, and there are no improvements for it yet.