The AI ​​field has encountered a video card bottleneck CEO Interview An interview with Ahmad Shadid, CEO of, examines the critical role of GPUs in AI development and the challenges caused by their shortage. His words are quoted by HackerNoon. DiscussThe AI ​​sphere has collided with the © Ferra

The parallel processing capabilities of GPUs make them ideal for working with huge amounts of data and training complex AI models. This has led to an “AI arms race” as companies and governments compete for computing power. Demand for GPUs is outpacing production, leading to rising costs and increased wait times for cloud-based AI developments, resulting in a bottleneck of sorts. This hinders innovation, especially for startups and researchers with limited resources, says Shadid.

New technologies such as TPUs and FPGAs offer alternatives, but overall hardware production is struggling to meet demand. The transition from GPUs may take several years due to problems with mass adoption and production scaling.