“AI Wash”: Technology Hype vs Real Look

ANDWhy you should be skeptical about everything Artificial intelligence (AI) is now making breakthroughs in industry and IT in general, but a deceptive practice called AI Washing is muddying the waters. Companies are exaggerating their AI capabilities to appear more innovative and attract customers. The HackerNoon article talks about this in more detail. Discuss© Ferra

AI Wash presents a product or service as using more advanced AI than he really is. Companies boast about benefits and opportunities that simply don’t exist. This is similar to when companies make misleading statements about environmental practices.

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, the article states.

  • The hype around AIleads to inflated claims and the desire to have time to “bite off a piece of the pie.”

  • There is no clear definition of AI, which allows companies call any automation “AI.”

  • As interest in AI grows, companies are forced to demonstrate their capabilities, even if they are not cutting-edge.

  • Marketing claims about AI are not governed by any laws or standards, leaving companies free to exaggerate them.

How to recognize AI washing?

Beware of companies that make vague statements about “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning” without specifics, do not provide technical details about how AI functions in their product, do not conduct do not have a qualified team of AI specialists with expertise in the field to independently test or validate their claims about artificial intelligence.