The Internet has collected all the rumors about Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro headphones

Which of these could be true? Rumors about the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro headphones do not stop. Gizmodo has collected all (or almost) the inside information at the moment. DiscussThe Network has collected all the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro headphones© Ferra

Despite the meager details, leaks talk about that the Buds 3 Pro are definitely getting ready for release. However, determining the launch date is quite difficult. Release cycles for previous Samsung generations pointed to a potential launch window at Unpacked events in July 2023 or January 2024. Unfortunately, neither happened.

Rumors point to an Unpacked event in July 2024, making it a strong contender for the debut of the Buds 3 Pro. This time could also be used for the 2024 Olympics, where Samsung plays an important sponsorship role.

There is no official information on pricing yet. However, the Buds 3 Pro are speculated to cost the same or slightly more than their predecessor, the Buds 2 Pro ($230). With inflation taken into account, you can expect a slight price increase.

Tom’s Guide speculates on the possibility of integrated health features such as a heart rate monitor. It's important to note that this is just speculation at this point. Sammobile expects overall improvements in audio quality, active noise cancellation (ANC) and battery life. However, in their opinion, the Buds 3 Pro will not boast dramatic changes due to the existing capabilities of the Buds 2 Pro.

TechRadar highlights the likelihood that the Buds 3 Pro will receive a live translation feature.