How did Instagram* solve the AI ​​image generator bug? Banned from drawing Asians

And it's not just Instagram's AI image generator* that has faced criticism after it was found to be unable to adequately represent diverse races. Now it has become known that he seems to have been banned from drawing any Asians. DiscussHow did Instagram* solve the bug with the AI ​​image generator? Banned from drawing Asians© Ferra

Previously, the generator predominantly rendered people as Asian, even when they were suggested otherwise. However, today, when trying to create Asian characters, users were faced with an error message instead of generated images. Despite their attempts, users continued to encounter errors.

After reaching out to Meta*, Instagram's parent company, for clarification, The Verge reporter received no response. Although in the end the problem seems to have been resolved.

*belongs to Meta, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and is banned