Ford will focus on developing better hybrids rather than electric vehicles

Key SUV projects postponed for several years Ford Motor Company announced the suspension of work on several electric vehicle projects at once, including the “long-awaited” three-row SUV. DiscussFord will focus on developing better hybrids, not electric vehicles© Robin Mathlener/Unsplash

The launch of production of this SUV model, as well as the development and development of infrastructure for the production of batteries, have been postponed until 2027, although the company in every possible way emphasizes its “commitment” to the exclusivity of the concept of electric cars. According to Ford's press service, the company plans to use the additional time to “take advantage of new battery technologies.”

The manufacturer has also delayed the promotion of the next-generation electric pickup project, codenamed “T3” – from late 2025 to 2026 of the year. At the same time, according to official information from Ford itself, the company is only now installing stamping equipment that will produce sheet metal for an SUV pickup.

And all this for the sake of working on hybrid models: the company has focused its efforts on “new advancement” specifically such machines. Ford said it plans to offer improved hybrid powertrains across its entire Ford Blue lineup by 2030.