Pulkovo Airport will begin to use domestic software for baggage control

This was the first experience of implementing new software without stopping the organization's work. Pulkovo Airport completed the transition to domestic software for baggage control. DiscussPulkovo Airport will begin to use domestic baggage control software© Markus Winkler

Pulkovo Airport is completing the implementation of a new system baggage handling developed in Russia. The project is being carried out jointly with the Reksoft technology group. This system is the first integration of a domestic solution of this level without stopping airport operations.

Pulkovo ranks second in passenger traffic in Russia and serves a huge number of passengers. Its baggage system is one of the largest and most advanced in the country, providing high speed and accuracy of processing.

The new baggage management system allows for efficient coordination of baggage processing and control at all stages. The implementation of this Russian development was successful and without noticeable disruptions for passengers, which confirms its reliability and compliance with high quality standards.