OnePlus introduced its analogue of Google Magic Eraser

To improve photos, OnePlus has created its own version of an artificial intelligence (AI) feature called AI Eraser for its mobile devices. Unlike Google's Magic Eraser product, this is the company's own development, designed to improve photos using AI. DiscussOnePlus presented its analogue of Google Magic Eraser


AI Eraser allows you to automatically remove unwanted objects from your photos, replacing them with appropriate elements based on the context and improving the quality of your images. Although a similar feature is already available on iOS and Android devices via Google Photos, OnePlus has decided to develop its own product in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI Eraser will be available on OnePlus devices this month, starting with models OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open and OnePlus Nord CE 4. However, it will not be available on R12-D12 devices.

OnePlus presented its analogue of Google Magic Eraser© OnePlus