A special agency will protect Hollywood actors from AI

To identify unauthorized content, talent agencies in Hollywood are actively implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to protect stars from manipulated images and videos that could harm their reputation. Thus, the WME agency entered into a partnership with Loti from Seattle, which specializes in software for identifying unauthorized content on the Internet, including images of their clients. DiscussA special agency will protect Hollywood actors from AI

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With the development of generative artificial intelligence and “deepfake” – videos and images that use a person’s image in a false context, the appearance of unauthorized videos that can damage brands and celebrity businesses has become widespread.

< p>Loti started working with WME about four or five months ago. WME clients provide Loti with multiple photos from different angles and record short audio clips that are then used to identify unauthorized content. Loti software searches the Internet for such material and notifies customers about it by sending requests for removal from platforms.