Russian doctors have developed AI to detect dyslexia

Artificial intelligence makes a diagnosis in just a few minutes with an accuracy of 80-90%In Russia, an AI has been developed that identifies dyslexia in just a few minutesDiscussRussian doctors have developed AI to detect dyslexia© Hümâ H. Yardım

Scientists from the Center for Artificial Intelligence of the National Research University Higher School of Economics have developed a system for definitions of dyslexia in schoolchildren. She uses machine learning and analyzes eye movements to identify reading problems in children. It is planned that the program will be introduced into clinical practice in 2024.

The Dislektor application works with a portable video-oculograph, recording the student’s eye movements. Once the data is collected, the project team uses machine learning techniques to analyze and classify these movements. This helps identify your child's risk of developing dyslexia and identifies problem areas in their reading.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects reading ability. Children with dyslexia need professional help to learn successfully. The Dislektor system allows you to identify this disorder with high accuracy, which can significantly facilitate the diagnostic process and help children receive timely help.