Russia has developed an AI that will create train routes in an emergency

It was developed by MIPT specialists Developers from MIPT have created artificial intelligence that can create an alternative train schedule in the event of an emergency DiscussIn Russia they have developed an AI that will create train routes in an emergency© Campbell

MIPT has developed a system “Forecast”, which quickly creates a new train schedule in case of an emergency. It is already used on an important railway in Kazakhstan, providing automation of train movement on the Zhetygen – Altynkol section, which leads to the border with China. This system helps predict the development of the situation a day in advance and quickly respond to possible failures, minimizing temporary losses.

The Forecast system takes only a few seconds to create a new traffic schedule after an emergency. This is much faster than professional dispatchers. However, there are tasks that AI solves less effectively than experienced specialists.

In complex areas, the Forecast system works to help dispatchers, and in less busy areas, where fewer than 20 trains pass per day, fully automated management.