Rostec launched production of materials for space electronics

A subsidiary of the corporation launched the production of polymer dielectrics. In Russia, they began to produce polymer dielectrics for space electronics. DiscussRostec launched the production of materials for space electronics© Yogesh Phuyal

The Rostec enterprise began production of new polymer dielectrics that will be used in electronic devices to protect microcircuits from external influences. These materials can be used in radar, space and telecommunications technology and will replace imported analogues.

New dielectrics will become part of multilayer electronic modules, providing protection from moisture, electromagnetic and thermal influences. They are resistant to high temperatures and chemical influences, which makes them reliable for use in various conditions.

The General Director of TsNITI Tekhnomash emphasized that the new materials have high dielectric properties, which makes it possible to improve the characteristics of electronics. These innovations will help the domestic industry get rid of dependence on imported analogues, which is especially important for the production of military and dual-use components.