An expert explains what ball lightning is made of

MSU scientists managed to reproduce the necessary conditions. Russian scientists have recreated the conditions for the occurrence of ball lightning and found out what they consist of. DiscussThe expert told what ball lightning is made of©

Ball lightning has always been a mystery to scientists. Recently, Russian physicists conducted experiments in the laboratory and found that these mystical phenomena may be associated with clouds of steam formed from the ground. Leading researcher at Moscow State University Vladimir Bychkov shared this interesting find.

Researchers suggest that the process of ball lightning formation begins with ordinary lightning, which strikes the ground and evaporates part of the soil, creating a void in it. Soil vapor quickly solidifies, forming a ball that shoots out of the ground at the speed of sound, but is then slowed down by the atmosphere, so lightning appears to appear out of nowhere.

Ball lightning is therefore a balloon filled with evaporation of the soil, and glows depending on the temperature. Its shell consists of frozen oxides contained in the earth and is able to withstand gas pressure. If the ball is formed by negative lightning, it can float above the ground, pushing off from its negatively charged surface.