Fruits and vegetables should be eaten with the skin on – here's what science says

Many fruits and vegetables are usually peeled. Sometimes people even cut off the peel from apples, because without it the fruit becomes softer and tastier. However, scientists say that in this way we are depriving ourselves of a rich source of beneficial nutrients, including vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals, that is, beneficial biologically active compounds. Unfortunately, the pulp of fruits and vegetables generally lacks many of these substances or contains them in much smaller quantities. At the same time, their peel turned out to be so useful that many foreign food manufacturers began to use it as an additive, for example, in the manufacture of bread and cookies.

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten with the skin on — that's what science says. Many vegetables and fruits are healthy to eat with the skin on. Photo.

Many vegetables and fruits are healthy to eat with the skin on

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  • 1 Apple peels are a valuable product for health
  • 2 Carrot peels are a source of phenolic acids
  • 3 Citrus peels are also good to eat
  • 4 Eggplant peels protect against heart attacks and strokes
  • 5 Potato peels are rich in iron and potassium

Apple peels – valuable product for health

A study last year found that the skins of apples, as well as some other fruits such as peaches and persimmons, contain far more antioxidants than the fruits themselves. Let us recall that antioxidants act as a natural shield that protects the body from free radicals.

In addition, as Boston University researcher Joan Salge Blake reports, apple peels contain three times more vitamin K and one and a half times more vitamin K. A. In addition, it is richer in some other vitamins, for example, vitamin C.

Apple skins are also a source of fiber. As we have previously told you, fiber is so necessary for our body that it is called the food of long-livers.

Apple peel is a valuable health product. Apple peel contains a large amount of antioxidants. Photo.

Apple peel contains a large amount of antioxidants

Carrot peel is a source of phenolic acids

On fresh peel carrots account for only 11% of its weight, but it contains 54% of phenolic acids of the total. Research has shown that they are powerful antioxidants. But that's not all — Carrot peels also contain large amounts of vitamin K, niacin and vitamin C.

Therefore, experts recommend simply washing the vegetable under running water with a brush, and eating raw or cooking. For example, carrots can be fried or used in vegetable soups or salads.

Citrus peels are also good to eat

In the vast majority of cases, people simply throw away citrus peels. However, it contains more vitamin C and carotenoids than pulp. The peel also contains a large amount of hesperidin, an antioxidant that has an anti-inflammatory effect and even helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Citrus peels are also good to eat. Substances in lime peels have anti-cancer properties. Photo.

Substances in lime peel have anti-cancer properties

As a result of one study, the authors found that citrus peels reduce the risk of skin cancer by a third. Another study found that the peel had a positive effect on mental performance in older adults. Last year, scientists discovered that lime skins have anti-cancer properties that affect liver cancer cells.

Of course, you don't have to eat the fruit with the skins on. But the latter can be grated and used in salads, baked goods, stews, etc. In addition, the grated peel can be used as a seasoning for fish, chicken and some other dishes.

Eggplant peel protects against heart attacks and strokes

The color of the vegetable itself gives a clue that the peel is filled with beneficial antioxidants. In particular, it contains a substance that protects the cell membranes of the brain and some tissues in the body from damage. We are talking about nasunin. At the same time, this substance eliminates inflammatory processes in the body and reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Let us remember that this cholesterol causes cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

Eggplant peel protects against heart attacks and strokes. Eggplant peel reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Photo.

Eggplant peel reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Since eggplant is smooth, it is easy to wash under running water, after which you can make a stew, bake it in the oven, or make another dish. For example, you can bake strips of eggplant peel with bacon.

Potato peel is rich in iron and potassium

Potato skins are considered waste that should not be eaten, but according to some experts, this is not true. The peel contains vitamin C, iron and potassium, as well as some B vitamins. In addition, half of all potato fiber comes from the peel.

Potato peels are rich in iron and potassium. Potato peels contain many vitamins. Photo.

Potato peels contain many vitamins

To avoid cutting off the peels, potatoes can be washed under running water water with a brush. You can simply boil it “in its jacket” or bake it in the oven. In addition, you can bake the peel itself with fried onions, mushrooms and other vegetables. The result is a tasty and healthy dish.

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In addition, you should not cut the skin off other fruits and vegetables. Previously, we talked about the benefits of kiwi peel. Also, do not remove the skin from mangoes and tomatoes. For example, tomato peel contains up to 80% lycopene. This substance has anti-cancer properties. Thus, by consuming the peels of various fruits, you will be healthier.