Kinopoisk and Bookmate released the book “100 Great Games in History”

Based on the personal tops of more than 150 people, the book “100 Great Games in History” appeared on the Yandex Plus book service, based on a popular special project by the Kinopoisk editors. It includes the best gaming works, which were selected by more than 150 people from various fields – from journalists to gamers. The book is supplemented with a previously unpublished essay about the fate of the RTS genre. DiscussKinopoisk and Bookmate released the book

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The “100 Great Games” collection became the third publication within the framework of the “100 Great Games” project, which is a rating of the most influential games. The collection is based on a rating compiled by the editors of Kinopoisk based on the personal top scores of more than 150 people. The first place in the list was taken by the game Half-Life 2, followed by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Red Dead Redemption 2.

In addition to the list, the book version of the project includes comments about each game, the years of release and genres are indicated . Perhaps this is the only case when tech bloggers, streamers, producers and film bloggers participated in one top.

The book is also supplemented with materials from the authors of Kinopoisk and video essay scripts from the YouTube channel Kinopoisk Games. A text by a gaming journalist about the history of the RTS genre has been published for the first time.