UK ships upgraded with decoy launchers

Spent over hundreds of millions of pounds on the system The Royal Navy is getting a defense upgrade thanks to the £135 million Ancilia Trainable Decoy Launcher project. These new launchers will protect the Navy's high-tech ships from the latest missile and drone threats. DiscussUK ships upgraded with decoy launchers© Ferra

Modern warships are designed to be stealthy, with radars that appear as small on enemy screens as like a speedboat. However, these ships still need ways to fend off missiles and drones. The Ancilia launcher solves this problem by firing a variety of decoys.

These include next-generation anti-aircraft shells that simulate the radar signature of a ship, flares, distracting heat-seeking missiles, and even corner reflectors that blind with a powerful reflection approaching radars.

Unlike traditional stationary launchers, Ancilia can rotate on two axes, allowing it to target a threat without having to turn the ship.

Details of Ancilia's operation remain classified.