The first photo of a device that updates iOS on an iPhone without opening the smartphone box has been published

So here you are, a miracle tablet. Apple retail stores began receiving a new system for over-the-air updating of iPhone software, even before it was sold. DiscussThe first photo of a device updating iOS on an iPhone without opening the smartphone box has been published© MacRumors

The new product, called Presto, will begin work in the United States in April. It's a “tablet-like device” onto which retail store employees can place a sealed iPhone box.

The system wirelessly turns on the iPhone internally, updates its software to the latest version available, and then turns the device off.

Presto has small cabinets that can hold up to six iPhone boxes at a time. Markings on the tablet ensure the correct positioning of NFC boxes depending on their size. Once positioned correctly, the iPhone updates within 15-30 minutes.

Apple designed Presto to avoid selling iPhones in retail stores with outdated software.

For example, the iPhone 15 line came with iOS 17, but Apple released iOS 17.0.1 before the devices went on sale.

The update was necessary to fix an issue that prevented data from being transferred directly from another iPhone during initial setup.