Game developers call the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro “pointless”

And quite justifiably, according to insider Christopher Dring from, some game studios were skeptical about the idea of ​​releasing an intermediate PlayStation 5 Pro console. DiscussGame developers called the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro ©

The developers consider the appearance of such a model to be premature and pointless at this stage.

In their opinion, the capabilities of the basic PlayStation 5 are far from being exhausted, and creating a more powerful revision is now inappropriate.< /p>

It is unlikely that the PS5 Pro will have a noticeable impact on the market – most owners of the current model will simply ignore it in favor of waiting for the next generation.

However, among a certain part of the audience, the new console may arouse interest due to the promised growth performance.

Due to the upgraded GPU, as well as the use of accelerated PSSR rendering, it is expected to provide higher FPS in games. True, the PS5 Pro still won’t have the potential for 8K ray tracing.