Complete thermal pastes of coolers were compared with MX5, GD900, Alsil and KPT-8

Here's what the experiment showed: Complete thermal pastes for coolers were compared with MX5, GD900, Alsil and KPT-8. On the YouTube channel Voiaka found out which thermal pastes make sense to take and which ones are better to refuse. Seven models participated in the experiment. DiscussIncluded thermal paste versus purchased: is it worth paying extra?© Voiaka

The host of the YouTube channel Voiaka compared seven models of thermal pastes in terms of efficiency. Among them were stock DeepCool, gold complete thermal paste, AlSil-3, technical (complete thermal paste without a name), GD900, KPT-8, MX5.

The test bench included an AMD Ryzen 5 7500F processor on B650, a DeepCool 850 power supply, two KingBank memory sticks, a 2 TB drive, an RTX 3070 video card.

© Vo iaka


In general, the supplied thermal pastes really performed well. Therefore, if you are assembling a new computer and the cooling system comes with thermal paste, then use it. MX5, for example, turned out to be only 2 degrees cooler than gold thermal paste: 35 and 37 degrees, respectively. You can see all the test results in degrees above in the image.

Also, domestic and foreign thermal pastes performed approximately the same on more or less average hardware. If you are building a computer for 7500F, 7700X, 12600K, 13600KF, then feel free to use the supplied thermal paste. She is also quite normal.