Why does time pass longer in nature than in the city?

Every person has days with so much to do that 24 hours in a day is simply not enough. Usually, city residents face this problem, but in rural areas time seems to last longer. If a city person finds himself outside the city, he will probably complete an impressive amount of tasks in a shorter time than usual. At the same time, he will have several hours to quietly admire nature. Recently, scientists conducted a study and confirmed that adults perceive the length of time differently, depending on the environment. In nature, the day really seems longer to us than in cities. This unusual phenomenon has finally been explained.

Why does time pass longer in nature than in the city? Time feels different in nature and in the city, and there is a scientific explanation for this. Photo.

In nature and in the city, time is felt differently, and there is a scientific explanation for this< /p>

Why people always lack time

According to the scientific publication Science Alert, city residents constantly feel a lack of time due to the abundance of different events. If you pay attention to your daily routine, you will immediately realize that every moment something happens to us. At work, we are constantly distracted by unimportant tasks, emails and instant messengers. At home, many people need to solve everyday problems, communicate with family, and so on.

Why people always don't have enough time. Many people don't get anything done due to the abundance of distractions. Photo.

Many people do not get anything done due to the abundance of distractions

Being outside the city, people feel more free. Of course, even outside the city, business can await a person. However, there are far fewer distractions near nature. People can focus their attention better on tasks, so they have enough time to get everything done. Moreover, sometimes its amount even seems excessive.

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Why is it necessary more often be in nature

Recently, Finnish psychologist Richardo Correia examined studies in which people compared the length of time in cities and outside of cities. In one of them, volunteers noted that when they walk in nature, the walk seems longer than in the city. And this despite the fact that in fact they walked for the same amount of time.

Why you need to be in nature more often. It has been scientifically proven that walks in nature seem longer than in the city. Photo.

It has been scientifically proven that walks in nature seem longer than in the city

In another study, volunteers tried to work in nature and in an urban environment. As one would expect, they completed the same amount of tasks in different times – in cities the work is harder and it seems that there is not enough time for anything. In rural areas, nature seems to magically slow down time and make it stretch out.

A 2013 study found an even more interesting result. Scientists have found that when in nature, people stop hoping for momentary pleasures. Instead, they look at their lives on a larger scale, and try to ensure that pleasure awaits them in the future, and on a larger scale.

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How to get more done

Nature changes our perception of time, this has been proven in many studies. But why is this happening? Scientists have an explanation for this.
It has long been known that being in nature has a good effect on human health. If there is a park or beach near a person's home, they can visit them and reduce their anxiety and stress levels, as well as naturally improve their sleep quality. Scientists also believe that regular walks improve cardiovascular health and reduce the likelihood of obesity.

Research shows that stress and anxiety distort the sense of time. Being in a tense state, a person does not seem to notice how deep night sets in after waking up in the morning. However, in nature, the emotional state improves, anxious thoughts recede, and a person can complete all his tasks faster. So it turns out that in nature there is enough time for everything.

How to get more done. Nature changes the sense of time, but there is no magic in it. Photo.

Nature changes the sense of time, but there is no magic in it

As a result, we can conclude that time passes faster in cities due to many distractions and emotional stress. To get more done, psychologists advise spending more time in nature – a banal recommendation but, judging by the research results, effective. If this is not possible, you can minimize the number of distractions. For example, completely giving up your smartphone during working hours can be of great benefit.

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