China has taught robots to run off-road and not give up when hit by sticks

The developers were pleased with the testing. Chinese robotics company LimX Dynamics conducted demonstration tests of its bipedal robot Biped Robot P1. The experts were pleased with the tests. Discuss China taught robots to run off-road and not give up when hit by sticks© LimX Dynamics/YouTube

The development company conducted tests with reinforcement – this is “a subset of sets of methods” which are used to train artificial intelligence algorithms. According to the developers, the robot showed “impressive” results in orienting and moving in difficult conditions – on rough terrain – and responding to a human threat.

The human threat consisted of the operator literally beating the machine with a stick, conducting a kind of stress test.

LimX is a robotics company whose portfolio includes humanoid robots, quadcopters and bipeds P1. In the latest testing of the P1 platform, the company placed the system on Mount Tanglang in Shanghai. The purpose of the test was to test the platform in an unpredictable environment characterized by rough terrain, which required P1 to constantly monitor its surroundings and incorporate this data into its reactions through reinforcement learning.