$8,000 for a film camera, or outbids have reached the Fujifilm X100VI

It’s not worth that kind of money. The Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera flew off the virtual shelves within minutes of its release, since the company released only 1934 copies in honor of its 90th anniversary, those who wanted to get their hands on the camera were very active. Discuss8000 dollars for a film camera, or outbids got to Fujifilm X100VI© Fujifilm

Despite Fujifilm’s efforts, advertisements for the sale of the limited edition X100VI quickly appeared on eBay, and prices for them soared to sky-high figures, reaching $8,000.

True, Fujifilm’s strategy in the US seems to “to some extent” restrain outbids. By manually checking every purchase and setting a limit of one item per person, email and shipping address, Fujifilm sought to contain them. Moreover, they split the pre-order time, selling only 100 units per day until March 23.

Although resellers managed to list the X100VI Limited Edition on eBay, their number was significantly less compared to previous launches, which suggests that Fujifilm's measures may have hindered their success.