Instagram* has already begun to slowly limit political content in its feeds

You can update your settings Instagram* has been quietly limiting user access to political content on its feeds since February 2024, Ars Technica writes. The decision aims to create a more “universal” user experience, according to Meta*, Instagram’s parent company. DiscussInstagram* has already begun to slowly limit political content in feeds© Ferra

Announcing this in the February blog , Meta said it will “no longer actively recommend political content” on Instagram and Threads*. Their goal, they say, is for these platforms to remain “a great experience for everyone.”

However, many users were unaware of this policy change. The option to limit political content is located in the application settings menu, in the “Content Settings” section in the “Settings and Activity” subsection. There are two options here:

Limit: This is the default setting, meaning you will see a minimum amount of political content on the recommendations page.

Unlimit: Selecting this option will allow you to see more political and social topics in the offered content.

It is important to note that this setting does not affect the content from the accounts you are subscribed to.

*belongs to Meta, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and is banned< /p>