Qualcomm spoke about support for games on laptops with its processor

What will change Qualcomm has made a bold statement about the upcoming laptops with Snapdragon X Elite: most existing Windows games should run flawlessly, without any modifications required by developers. DiscussQualcomm spoke about support for games on laptops with its processor© Ferra

At the Game Developers Conference 2024, Qualcomm revealed its strategy for the development of Windows on laptops with Snapdragon. The key is emulation – these laptops will use special software to run games typically designed for Intel and AMD processors. Qualcomm assures developers that such emulation will provide performance close to native.

Laptops powered by Snapdragon X Elite are expected to be introduced this summer, which could coincide with the appearance of new Arm-based Surface devices from Microsoft. This emphasis on compatibility is a significant shift from previous efforts to create Arm-based laptops.

Qualcomm acknowledges that there are limitations—games that rely on specific anti-cheat software or the AVX instruction set may not run perfectly. However, the company is confident that most popular games on Steam will work without problems.