A VR training platform for the chemical industry was created in Russia

Using a virtual reality helmet, the press service of Novgorod State University (NovSU) reported that residents of the Intelligent Electronics Center – Valdai presented a virtual training system for employees of chemical plants. Using a VR helmet and joystick, a worker can simulate operating equipment before real work. DiscussIn Russia they created a VR training platform for the chemical industry© Ferra

The platform allows you to create a completely virtual workshop, accurately recreating the real one production environment. This allows you not only to study the technological process, but also to train hand motor skills by reproducing the necessary actions.

Designers of the Virtual and Augmented Reality laboratory develop training scenarios based on the customer’s technical specifications. Virtual reality projects are ready-made turnkey solutions that can be used to train personnel and handle emergency situations.

These technologies provide the opportunity not only for training, but also for conducting virtual tours of production. They can be especially useful for large corporations, where high-quality personnel training and technological processes are required.