NASA will turn off one of its key telescopes

In the world of X-ray astronomy, NASA announced a reduction in funding for the Chandra Space Telescope, resulting in its indefinite cessation of operations. This decision sent shockwaves through the scientific community. Chandra, which began work in 1999, is a key player in the world of X-ray astronomy, allowing the study of black holes, supernova remnants and other objects. DiscussNASA will turn off one of its key telescopes© Ferra

The reason for the reduction in funding was the deterioration of the spacecraft, requiring additional costs to maintain its performance. This means that the telescope's operations will be temporarily suspended until NASA determines whether it can continue operations in the future.

While all spacecraft are subject to wear and tear over time, Chandra faced a thermal management challenge that increased the complexity of its operation. A review of the procedures needed to permanently shut down telescope operations is currently underway.