The US assessed the firepower of the Soviet T-55 tank

It was one of the best cars in the world. The American magazine The National Interest published an article with high praise for the Soviet T-55 tank, developed on the basis of the T-54. DiscussThe firepower of the Soviet T-55 tank was evaluated in the USA

© Radomil/Wikimedia Commons

As observers of The National Interest write, the T-55 is a medium tank that had impressive firepower and was superior in performance to the T-34-85. Inherited from the previous series, the T-55 received a powerful 1000 mm caliber gun with BR-412 armor-piercing shells. The vehicle's armor was significantly improved – 100 mm frontal armor for the hull, 200 mm for the turret.

And later the T-55 received an automatic anti-nuclear protection system and a power plant with a capacity of 580 l/s. The T-55 became the world's first such tank. Its technical and, above all, fire capabilities exceeded the standards of tanks of those years.

“In the 1950s, this tank was considered quite combat-ready. Compared to the standards of that decade, the T-54/T-55 had impressive firepower and reliable armor protection, all packaged into a simple and compact design that was smaller and lighter than Western models,” according to The National Interest article.