Tronsmart wireless speakers with high-quality sound are available at a discount

Music— This is a phenomenon that, to one degree or another, is fascinated by almost all people living on planet Earth. Some people prefer to enjoy it individually, using headphones, while others rely on external speaker systems. But, one way or another, music is played every day by billions and billions of people around the world. Tronsmart, like no one else, understands the real needs of users in music and offers sound playback devices for every taste. And during the sale, which will last until March 27, you can buy them at an unprecedented discount.

Tronsmart wireless speakers with high-quality sound are available at a discount. Tronsmart speakers can be purchased at a big discount. Hurry! Photo.

Tronsmart speakers can be purchased at a big discount. Hurry up!


  • 1 Inexpensive TWS headphones
  • 2 Powerful Bluetooth speaker with karaoke< /li>
  • 3 Wireless speaker with a large battery
  • 4 Inexpensive speaker that you can take with you
  • 5 Speaker with stereo pair support
  • 6 Compact speaker for travel
  • 7 Super-powerful Bluetooth speaker

Inexpensive TWS headphones

Inexpensive TWS headphones. Sounfii R4 — cool and inexpensive headphones. Photo.

Sounfii R4 — cool and inexpensive headphones

Wireless headphonesThey have long ceased to be something amazing, so it is absolutely illogical to ask for big money for them. Tronsmart adheres to exactly this strategy, and therefore offers the TWS model Sounfii R4 for less than 1000 rubles. It is perfect for both men and women. The main thing — choose your color.

These are wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.3, which provides them with minimal latency, with noise reduction during phone calls, advanced 12 mm speakers with high quality sound and thick bass. Moreover, their autonomy is 7/28 hours for the headphones themselves and the charging case, respectively, which comes with the Sounfii R4.

Price: $12

Tronsmart Sounfii R4

Powerful Bluetooth speaker with karaoke

Powerful Bluetooth speaker with karaoke. Halo 200 will pump up any dance floor. Photo.

Halo 200 will pump up any dance floor

Wireless speaker < /strong>Tronsmart Halo 200 has a power of 120 W and a three-way sound system and can pump up a large dance floor with sound. It’s not a shame to take this thing to an open-air summer disco to scream at karaoke. Its potential is enough to please you, your entire company, and perhaps even someone else's.

The speaker is equipped with a convenient control system with physical buttons and knobs, and can also boast LED backlight sound speakers. This way you will receive not only musical, but also visual accompaniment for your party. And if necessary, you can connect external sound sources like Station with Alice and even a guitar to it.

Price: $135

Tronsmart Halo 200

Wireless speaker with large battery

Wireless speaker with a large battery. Bang SE has a capacious battery and powerful sound. Photo.

Bang SE has a capacious battery and powerful sound

Large Column— It's cool, but it's definitely not a phenomenon for everyone. Tronsmart Bang SE — It is a portable audio source with a convenient handle that allows you to take it with you anywhere. This solution can be taken with you to the dacha and used as a more affordable alternative to the Tronsmart Halo 200 with autonomy of up to 24 hours.

Despite its smaller size, this is a very cool speaker that produces high-quality sound. If you wish, you can make it even better if you combine two of these speakers into a stereo pair. In addition, they will make your mood even better thanks to the built-in LED backlight, which can shine in different modes.

Price: 53 dollars

Tronsmart Bang SE

Inexpensive speaker that you can take with you

Inexpensive speaker that you can take with you. Tronsmart T7 has a compact size, so you can take it with you. Photo.

Tronsmart T7 has a compact size, so you can take it with you

< p>Tronsmart T7 — An extremely interesting speaker, which has not many analogues on the market. With a price of about 3 thousand rubles, it compares favorably with all other models in this collection by supporting 360-degree audio playback. It doesn’t matter where exactly you place it: it will still produce high-quality sound, directing it to where there are no obstacles.

Tronsmart T7 is equipped with three speakers at once: Two tweeters and one woofer providing thick bass. Just adjust its sound the way you like using the standard equalizer and enjoy high-quality audio. And thanks to the fact that the speaker is based on Bluetooth 5.3, the delay in sound transmission will be vanishingly small, while its battery life reaches 12 hours.

Price: $38

Tronsmart T7

Speaker with stereo pair support

Speaker with stereo pair support. This is a large speaker, but portable. Photo.

This is a large speaker, but portable

Tronsmart Bang — powerful portable speaker with 60 W output power. Its main advantage — Integrated SoundPulse speakers for particularly high-quality sound. A speaker with hundreds of others just like it, and the result will be an incredible Hi-Fi system. In addition, this model is equipped withIPX6 water protectionand can operate on a single charge for up to 15 hours.

As befits solutions of this kind, Tronsmart Bang is equipped with LED backlighting. It is located at the bottom in the front and at the ends, where the woofers for bass are located. This solution looks extremely stylish and at the same time works quite effectively, illuminating the surrounding space, but without burning out dancing eyes due to too bright a glow.

Price: $75

Tronsmart Bang

Compact speaker for travel

Compact speaker for travel. This speaker has outstanding battery life. Photo.

This speaker has simply outstanding battery life

Column Tronsmart T7 Lite — This is a lightweight modification of the original T7, but to say that it is worse is absolutely inappropriate. Despite its compact size, the Light version is equipped with a powerful battery that provides itup to 24 hours of music playbackin a row. In addition, the speaker is protected according to the IPX7 standard, so it can withstand immersion in water and splashes, so you can take it outdoors without problems or fears for its performance.

In terms of sound, everything is ok here too. It is responsible for two built-in speakers and three passive radiators, which add bass to the speaker. If desired, however, you can turn it up even more if you use the standard smartphone app with an equalizer, which allows you to customize the sound to your liking. On sale if versions are in black, blue, pink and mint.

Price: $28

Tronsmart T7 Lite

Super -powerful Bluetooth speaker

Super-powerful Bluetooth speaker. There is simply nothing more powerful than this speaker. Photo.

There is simply nothing more powerful than this speaker

Tronsmart Bang Max &# 8212; the most advanced speaker in the line. Its output power is 130 W. It has 6 speakers at once, providing super-cool sound. And this is when used alone. Because if you create a stereo pair, the sound will be even better, louder and richer. The speaker supports True Wireless Stereo technology, as well as TuneConn for synchronization with other speakers.

In essence, this is a semi-professional solution that can even be used on stage. The speaker has all the necessary outputs for connecting external peripherals and even musical devices like a guitar. At the same time, it is certified according to the IPX6 standard, so it is not afraid of water and water drops, which means it is suitable for use not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Price : $150

Tronsmart Bang Max