Russian scientists have created a technology for recycling concrete waste

In cement, the press service of Novosibirsk State University reported that university scientists, together with colleagues from the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Tuva Institute for Integrated Development of Natural Resources SB RAS, have developed a method for recycling material from destroyed concrete and reinforced concrete structures. DiscussRussian scientists have created a technology for processing concrete waste© Ferra

New technology makes it possible to replace part of the cement in new concrete products with a product of recycling old concrete. The essence of the method is the chemical treatment of cement-sand stone crumbs in a slightly alkaline aqueous solution without the need for special equipment. As a result, it is possible to replace up to 30% of cement with an additive in new concrete mixtures, while maintaining the strength of structures.

This development is of great importance in the context of the problem of construction waste generation, which is relevant throughout the world. In Russia, the issue of recycling old buildings built in the 50s and 60s, from which a significant amount of cement-sand stone remains, is particularly acute. Experts say that up to 20% of this material remains unused, although it can be successfully recycled and reused.