In Russia they will launch a server on a drifting ice floe in the Arctic

From the Il-76 A team of specialists from the Russian company RuVDS plans to install server equipment on a drifting ice floe in the Arctic. This unusual project involves dropping a server from an IL-76 from an altitude of more than 10 thousand meters. In addition, the same plane will make the world's first stratospheric jump to the North Pole. DiscussIn Russia they will launch a server on an ice drifting ice floe in the Arctic© Ferra

According to company representatives, the date- The center is designed to operate in extreme conditions and is able to withstand the harsh climate conditions of the Arctic. The jump is scheduled for the period from April 2 to April 6, and will be performed by Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko.

RuVDS General Director Nikita Tsaplin noted that the project includes testing equipment in extreme conditions. He expressed confidence in the reliability of his equipment, which will be lowered onto the drifting ice floe along with the participants in the stratospheric jump.

The server equipment will be installed at the Barneo ice camp, located in close proximity to the North Pole. It will communicate with the RUVDS satellite, transmitting information about the condition of the ice. A team of specialists from Stratonavtika LLC will monitor the data and its quality, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the equipment.