The best Xiaomi smartphones and tablets at affordable prices

Xiaomi equipment — this is a separate type of art. The company has been managing to produce devices for decades that are not inferior in technical capabilities to more expensive gadgets, but at the same time cost less. It got to the point that many iPhone owners began to switch to Xiaomi smartphonesand its sub-brands, not only for reasons of economy, but also for practical reasons. Because it’s much more logical to buy a device for 30k rubles, which is superior to your iPhone 15 in terms of characteristics, and even looks more interesting from a design point of view. And Xiaomi has a lot of them, and during the sale from March 18 to 27 you can buy them at a big discount.

The best Xiaomi smartphones and tablets at affordable prices. Xiaomi has a lot of cool and inexpensive smartphones and tablets. Photo.

Xiaomi has a lot of cool and inexpensive smartphones and tablets

Buy the best smartphones , tablets and other Xiaomi equipment can be found in the brand’s online store on AliExpress.


  • 1 POCO X6 Pro &# 8212; affordable Android smartphone better than iPhone
  • 2 Which inexpensive POCO smartphone to choose
  • 3 Is it worth buying Redmi Note 13
  • 4 Affordable Redmi smartphone with the fastest charging
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  • 6 Xiaomi 14 — budget flagship on Android

POCO X6 Pro — affordable Android smartphone is cooler than iPhone

POCO X6 Pro — this is a smartphone that the author sincerely considers the best alternative to the iPhone 15. Despite the fact that these are devices from different price categories, the X6 Pro is, firstly, more productive, since it gives more points in AnTuTu, and, secondly, it is simply more beautiful.

POCO X6 Pro is an affordable Android smartphone that is cooler than the iPhone. POCO X6 Pro is really cooler than the iPhone 15. Photo.

POCO X6 Pro is really cooler than the iPhone 15

Just look to his design. This is a work of art. Moreover, for less than 30 thousand rubles. Score almost 1.5 million points in the AnTuTu benchmarkOur hero is supported by extremely worthy hardware for its price. It is based on the Dimensity 8300 Ultra processor, and the buyer is offered two versions with different amounts of memory: 8/256 and 12/512 GB.

I would take the latter, but if you want to save money, it is obvious that the basic modification will not disappoint you. Moreover, it has an excellent camera with OIS, 67 W fast charging and a 6.7-inch display at 120 Hz. The main thing — Don't forget to come between March 18 and March 27 and use the seller's coupon for a 10% discount.

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Which inexpensive POCO smartphone to choose

Which inexpensive POCO smartphone to choose. Even an inexpensive POCO can be technically advanced. Photo.

Even an inexpensive POCO can be technically advanced

POCO M6 Pro &# 8212; this is undoubtedly the best budget phone on Android. At an extremely affordable price, the device offers, perhaps, even too much:

  • Processor — Helio G99 Ultra
  • Display — 6.7 inches, 120 Hz, AMOLED
  • Camera — 64 MP (OIS)
  • Memory — 8/256, 12/512 GB
  • Battery — 5000 mAh, 67 W
  • Water protection — IP54

In many ways, we have an almost complete hardware copy of the POCO X6 Pro, with the exception of perhaps lower performance. Helio G99 Ultra processorsomewhat slower than the Dimensity 8300 Ultra, but the discount is very decent. Moreover, otherwise this is an amazing device with optical stabilization, fast charging and a colossal amount of RAM and internal memory.

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Is it worth buying Redmi Note 13

Is it worth buying Redmi Note 13? Even the most inexpensive smartphones from Redmi look very cool. Photo.

Redmi makes even the most inexpensive smartphones look very cool

Basic Redmi Note 13 — This is what they call an immortal classic. RepresentativeXiaomi's budget line of smartphones with a large screen features a strict design and a combination of excellent specifications for its low price.

In general, this is typical for all devices of this brand, but Redmi Note 13 is truly surprising. It does not have a super-efficient processor (its hardware is based on the Snapdragon 685), but it has a 108-megapixel camera that produces images of very high quality.

The smartphone display has a diagonal of 6 .7 inches, supportsrefresh rate 120 Hzand is made using AMOLED technology. This will be comfortable not only for surfing the Internet and watching videos, but also for reading e-books. In general, an excellent option for your money. Moreover, it is very stylish and at the same time minimalistic.

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Affordable Redmi smartphone with the fastest charging

Affordable Redmi smartphone with the fastest charging. A beautiful smartphone, isn't it? Photo.

Beautiful smartphone, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus 5G belongs to the same line as the previous smartphone from this collection, in fact we have a device on a completely different level. This model has undergone a major internal upgrade. As a result, this is what happened:

  • Processor — Dimensity 7200 Ultra (1,000,000 AnTuTu points)
  • Camera — 200 MP (OIS)
  • Battery — 5000 mAh, 120 W
  • Memory — 8/256, 12/512 GB
  • Water protection — IP68

There is clearly continuity in the design of the classic and Pro models, but “Proshka” objectively looks more interesting. The manufacturer has visually highlighted the upper part, which houses the trio of main cameras, and this turned out to be a very winning solution for both the black and light versions. In addition, a three-color modification with an eco-leather back has also appeared on sale, which I can without a doubt call my favorite. Don't forget to take the seller's coupon for $10 when you place your order.

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The best analog iPad on Android

Whoever talked about tablets, but I really love this category of devices and constantly buy new models. But if previously these were exclusively iPads, today it is obvious that there are more interesting models. For example, Xiaomi Pad 6. This is an excellent “tablet” in a strict metal case, with a dual camera and a simply stunning display that recognizes stylus touches.

The best analogue of the iPad on Android. It looks like an iPad Pro, but the characteristics are even better and cheaper. Photo.

It looks like iPad Pro, but the characteristics are even better and cheaper

Xiaomi Pad 6 x 11 inch screenhas WQHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. This is more than the vast majority of smartphones have, so the picture — especially on such a diagonal — It will be amazingly smooth. I would also like to note the great sound thanks to 4 stereo speakers and the Dolby Atmos add-on.

The tablet is based on a Snapdragon 870 processor, which is complemented by 6 or 8 GB of RAM, as well as 128 or 256 GB of internal memory . The built-in battery of the smartphone has a high capacity of 8840 mAh, and it can be charged using the included 33 W power adapter. It’s cool that it comes included right away and you don’t have to spend extra on it.

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Xiaomi 14 — budget flagship on Android

Xiaomi 14 is a budget flagship on Android. Xiaomi 14 is beautiful, productive and compact. Photo.

Xiaomi 14 is beautiful, productive and compact

Looking for a real flagship on Android? Then you need Xiaomi 14. This is the newest Xiaomi smartphone, which features the most advanced hardware possible today. Here you have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a 50 MP Leica camera, 90 W fast charging, and just a cool design that you simply cannot find in smartphones in the entry-level and mid-price segment.

Despite that that it is a flagship, Xiaomi 14 is quite compact. Its screen diagonal is only 6.36 inches, which for many may be a critical factor in favor of purchasing it. This smartphone is suitable for those with small hands and the fair sex. Moreover, the device has an excellent camera that will take great photos even in daylight or in the dark.

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